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ProfessorPro was created with the ambition of helping everyone learn Economic theory without being burdened by academic settings.


Our many years of teaching experience at the university level helped us develop an intuitive approach adapted to different types of learners. We create material that is both accessible and rigorous to help you understand how Economics works.


We offer video tutorials (called Mobile Classes) that are intuitive, visually pleasing, and theoretically sound. Students can use our videos as a complement to their books and classes or by themselves to learn about Economics for the first time. Our material not only aim at helping students understand these concepts but they also aim at improving their capacity to succeed in their exams and homework.


Classes are not limited to a specific book or style. We use a general approach that is consistent with most introductory and intermediate Economics books. Our courses have been customised for different levels of learners to help you find something for your specific needs.



Our services are designed to help the following groups:


(1) Autonomous learners that wish to know more about Economics (core package)

(2) University or high-school students learning Economics for the first time (extended package)

(3) Students with courses in Economics as part of their major or honours' degree (advanced package)


We offer three types of services:


(1) Blog posts to help you relate Economic models to real-life

(2) Video Tutorials (our Mobile Classes) explaining economic concepts and models 

(3) Study guides filled with concept reviews and extensive databases of unique questions (available in the near future)

(Note that we do not offer academic certification. These services aim at supporting autonomous learners or students already registered with an academic institution)

Our Professor

We have only one Professor so far but we will include more if there is enough demand to create courses in fields other than Economics.


Professor Provencher


With close to ten years of teaching experience at the university level and one year at both the cegep and high-school levels, Professor Provencher has taught to a wide range of students.


He quickly specialised in teaching students that were new to Economics. His methods were very well received at the Université de Sherbrooke (Canada), McGill University (Canada), and Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (Peru), in which he taught courses for their American programmes (Broward College and University of South Florida), as well as their English programme (the University of London, under academic direction from the London School of Economics).


His constant drive for innovation led him to develop an intuitive approach that helps students understand complicated Economic models instead of simply remembering formulas by heart.

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