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  • Mathieu Provencher

Mc-Jobs asking for more

Did you guys hear that Mc-Jobs (jobs mainly in fast-food restaurants) in the USA are facing some interesting challenges right now? Anyone knows what this is about (I do of course ^_¨)?


A person answered:

Does it have to do with a publication of the Merriam Webster Dictionary that said exactly that the definition of Mc-Job was: "low-paying and dead-end work". But with the economic downturn in USA, a fast food career just started to become appealing for many??


I replied:

Good question. The definition seems to really fit the types of jobs that are often described as Mc-Jobs yes. As for their appeal, there is indeed a tendency to accept almost any job when the economy is doing badly. The job market in the USA is still very difficult (they still have strong cyclical unemployment) and that pushes more people into the less desired employment opportunities. It is not clear why these types of workers have started demanding such a high increase in their salary (their demands were to increase the minimum salary by more than 100%, which means more than double) but we can imagine that this movement may have been pushed in part by more educated members of society that are now "forced" to accept such jobs.


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