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  • Mathieu Provencher

Vaping away cigarettes

Does anyone know who "Vapers" are? They are very similar to smokers (at least superficially). Did we see anything about them in my courses? I'm thinking Micro!

Vapers are the users of e-cigarettes, which are substitutes in consumption to traditional cigarettes. The research I am aware of right now shows that they are as efficient as other replacement methods (such as nicotine patches) at making people quit smoking (tobacco) but they are much better at making people reduce their smoking. Vapers tend to get the same intake of nicotine (which is the addictive stuff), depending on the composition of their recharge, but they don't get any of the nasty stuff that is present in cigarettes.

The success of e-cigarettes is two folds: (1) they replace tobacco in a number of countries, which is facing a decrease in demand (we call these declining industries) mainly because of increased difficulty to smoke where you want and health concerns; (2) they have built a hype by themselves, somewhat independently of cigarettes (there are even parties in which people talk about e-cigarettes all night long... picture that).

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