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  • Mathieu Provencher

Generation what?

Let's talk about millennials (Generation Y).

You guys (around 20 years old) are the Generation Y, although it applies much more to the USA and a few European Countries (I would assume to Canada too). While my generation (No I am not from Generation A, I'm not that old thank you very much) is now ruling the world (or about to), you guys are getting ready to enter the workforce as our minions!!!! However, Generation Y has something no other generations ever had before them, which makes you guys very very capable and valuable... what is it and how marketable is it? No I am not talking about your darn I-pads and smartphones, that came from My generation!

Millennials are the first start of a true global generation! When I was young (that was not THAT long ago thank you) there were not nearly as many people that had lived a significant amount of time abroad. You guys' generation is all over the place, which brings great insights into other people's way of thinking and other ways to do things. China is a great example of young people opening to different ways of thinking.


A person answered:

It could be in many ways, from the generation of new ideas and businesses in a more global approach that will bring very likely a fresh GDP growth to the economies and to the point of an even more interrelated global economy when there is a stronger bonding and unification of more economies based on stronger similarities


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