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  • Mathieu Provencher

World War Winners

Hi Guys! Today's post is from a politically incorrect subject, which are the ones I really enjoy if you remember well. Let's put our emotions aside and try to figure out the Economics of War: who would win from a third world war?

I am indeed referring to the tensions between the USA and Russia, with Europe being dragged along for the ride. It would seem that these two old rivals (research the Cold War a bit if you don't know what I'm referring to) are going at it again. SO, who would win from the world engaging in a war again?

I would say that Peru, and possibly China (if it can stay neutral) would be great winners of such a conflict. Venezuela and the middle-east (the oil producing countries of that region to be more precise) would also be great winners of a world blood-fest of destruction between the "west" and Russia (which doesn't look like it would have any substantial ally at the moment).

North Korea, for example, could become substantially richer thanks to this conflict... actually I would love to see how they pull their weight in such a situation. North Korea could gain a lot by putting themselves as an "indecisive" country in the conflict between the "West" and Russia.

No one imagines that North Korea would take the side of the USA, that's just never going to happen. However, that country could be "convinced" to avoid taking sides, i.e. joining Russia. It would take a lot of convincing to get North Korea, with its potential nuclear weapons, to resist the temptation to kick the USA's ass!

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