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  • Mathieu Provencher

Atomic Clock

Did you guys know that in London they are working on a clock that can measure time with extreme precision? It will loose one second every 14 billion years, that would have been one second lost since the beginning of our universe!!!!

We are unable to even understand how long that can be (I definitely am), so why make such a precise clock?

Although the level of error is impossibly small for us, it is not for computers. As computers are given more and more of our tasks, higher and higher precision is needed. For example, high frequency trading can complete millions of operations in one second. Also, automated information centers (of the weather, the time, the conditions of equipment) and servers around the world, for the cloud for example, (including cellphone use in different time zones) may benefit from a more precise base time to rely on.

The new virtual world may actually require such unbelievable levels of precision... you guys will be the architects of that! (don't go too fast, your old Econ prof can't keep up sometimes)

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