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  • Mathieu Provencher

Making money with gold

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and is going to have a very good new year. I've been talking about the value of Gold being on the decrease (as I predicted if my students from last year can remember) this year. Take a look at the file to see for yourselves: Do you guys know why Gold wend down so fast after increasing for years?

The value of gold was very high because it is generally seen as a safe asset to invest in when you favorite investments are risky. These "favorite" investments were US dollars... when the USA became risky, investors bought gold (and some other commodities), thus increasing its demand and its price. In 2013, the economy of the USA seemed to do much better and investors went back buying US dollars, which means they sold their gold, thus decreasing its price quite significantly.

What should you learn from that? If there's a big crisis in the USA, buy gold. If the USA is doing better, sell gold. You'll make a fortune and I would accept a donation of 2% of all your speculative earnings (but I will not "participate" towards any of your losses).

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