Heard anything interesting about Economics lately? Want to see how much of real-life our models truly explain? Eager to challenge me to explain what is going on in the world? Here's the place for YOU!!!! Hang on tight Micro and Macro fans, here comes Professor Provencher!


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China is slowing down

We've been hearing in the news that China is slowing down substantially these days. Can anyone try to assess who are the winners and who...

Mc-Jobs asking for more

Did you guys hear that Mc-Jobs (jobs mainly in fast-food restaurants) in the USA are facing some interesting challenges right now? Anyone...

Patent Trolls

Anyone can guess (or research) what Patent-Trolls are? They recently sparked debates on the current Patent system in the USA. What...

How did the economy catch COVID-19?Prof Pro
00:00 / 13:56
Is the USD losing its edge?Prof Pro
00:00 / 20:26
Will Brexit bring shortages similar to WWII?Prof Pro
00:00 / 14:02
Why is Maruro burning Venezuela's gold?Prof Pro
00:00 / 09:30